Saturday, November 28, 2015


Because of poor planning or I might say no planning for cooking prior to Thursday due to busyness; I got up at 6:00 to start preparing.  I needed to get the rolls and pie done before the turkey would go into the oven.  I am happy to say, it all came together even being able to work out on the treadmill.
The turkey fell apart and Dell learned a new way to carve it.  
We invited the Spanish speaking missionaries in the Camarillo zone and Ventura zone to dinner if they didn't get an invitation.  We also invited the assistants and had 8 missionaries for dinner.
Sister Felix, Hermanas Hemingway, Peterson, Griffes, Ricks, Elders Ruby, Young, Taufatofua, Turley
Last year I inserted a question that had been typed on a piece of paper wrapped in foil then inserted in the dough of the roll.  I did it again this year.  After eating before dessert everyone shared their question. It was received very well and we had good discussion.  It was good to rest a bit before pie.  The missionaries don't have hours to sit around before having dessert because they need to be out doing THE work; although the little break between was appreciated.
Hermana Ricks' mother sent her decorations and she brought them over.  They wanted President to put on the turkey legs but I did it instead.
It was a wonderful time spending it with missionaries.  
We were very happy to have been able to see almost all of the family through skype or face time.  It's a blessing to us to be able to see and talk with our great family!
At MLC on Tuesday we included discussing "The Family -- A Proclamation to the World"
Part of our presentation included pictures of us and our family.  We are so grateful for the family we have (and it continues to grow).
Hermanas Ricks and Griffes are practicing for our Christmas Devotional.  Our theme is focused on Angels.  I've asked Hermana Ricks to accompany one of the Elders and three Hermanas as they sing
 "Angles Among Us." Tuesday one of the members who has produced different projects is helping record the music with the missionaries and then will put together video and pictures of missionaries that I'm giving him.  We are so excited!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Agave Bushes

Tuesday afternoon these agave bushes were planted.  We didn't see them until Wednesday due to all that was going on.
I got an email from the FM group stating agave bushes were planted to dissuade traffic through the area.  We've only been asking for months for something to be planted there so that it wouldn't be so inviting for someone who shouldn't be going on the property.   We are pleased with the addition. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Out with the old and in with the new.
I was so sad when the inside of the Bosch mixer bowl on the left started peeling.  I'm not sure how old it is but it could be close to 30 years old.  I was willing to wait until we get home to see if we could replace it.  Dell went on line and found one and went a head and ordered one.  It came from the Bosch store on Highland Drive.  That's funny.  I think I should make cinnamon rolls now.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Dell wanted to start his birthday off with a good bike ride so he took off while I did preparations for the requested breakfast of german pancakes, topped with lemon curd (which I found a recipe for and made the night before) and garnished with raspberries.  I added bacon, eggs, and a mango smoothie.
We seem to be able to schedule golf on our birthdays.  Last time we golfed it was windy and a bit chilly.  That is how the golf began yesterday and ended up but during the middle it was beautiful.  Fortunately we had jackets this time.

We played best ball.  Our score was 86.  We had a lot of fun.

We had dinner at the Lure and then saw the new James Bond movie.  I'd say a bit intense for us missionaries.
This morning we both went riding and it was to a different area.  We saw a coyote.  We were glad it kept on walking.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mission President's Seminar

Wednesday, October 28, we drove to the Burbank airport so we could fly to Seattle for the Mission President's Seminar that is held every 6 months.  It was held at the Salish Lodge where the Snoqualmie Falls are.
We arrived early enough to change and go exploring before dinner at 6:30.
We were thrilled that it wasn't raining and we could go for the little hike.

We've missed the "Fall" colors in Utah.  These leaves were very large.  My foot is at the top and then we came across an even bigger leaf and showed the comparison with Dell's foot.

This log was laying down and we could see through to the other end.

These are electric wires but we thought it would be amazing if there was a zip line installed.
Snoqualmie Falls and the lodge.
A breakfast buffet of fruit, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon cake, oatmeal, and yogurt was provided on Thursday.  We had a wonderful session that morning with Elder Maynes as he focused on having a mission on fire.  We are so grateful that we had asked the MLC to come this Tuesday with suggestions of how the mission can be elevated.  This is so timely.  After having a group picture and lunch we broke up into three different groups.  We went with Elder Daniel Johnson and discussed what we had learned and what were we going to do to get our mission on fire.
I had a revelatory experience Thursday morning when the importance of personal study and companionship study were disgussed.  We, as well as many others, have not put the full time into studying.  I felt that if I will pray for the Lord's help, we will be able to do it most mornings.  Exercise is important to us so we're going to get up a little earlier and make the studying a priority.
We had a fireplace in our room so of course we had to take advantage of lighting it.

This picture is taken from the bathroom with the jetted tub to the bedroom with the fireplace.
Friday morning we had a hot egg and ham biscuit sandwich with fruit, etc.  After the session that Elder Hamula conducted about goals on Friday morning, a group of us went to Pikes Place Market.  From left to right:  Sister Maynes (I must have cut Elder Maynes out), the Robinsons, Lewises in the far back, Taggarts, Bradfords, Dell, Ballards and Russells.  That is gum on the wall.
Yes, people stick their gum on the wall.
We were treated to a walking food tour.
We are at the fish market.  Look closely and you can see a fish being thrown and the man at the left is ready to catch it.
We sampled three different kinds of smoked salmon.  All were good.
Justin, our tour guide, is on the left.  We all had a 'transister' with an ear piece so we could hear him tell us about some of the history of the place.
We stopped at a meat market and went into the freezer.  We were given thin slices of meat.
In this vat cheese was being made.  We enjoyed samples of cheese.  At other stops we had little donuts, macaroni and cheese, the best clam chowder ever, a pork shoulder sandwich and crab cakes.
The Robinsons posed in front of the market.  This is Rachel the mascot.
I was told the best crepes were at the market.  The tour didn't go there but Justin told us where it was located.  I kept in mind during all of the tasting that I was getting a crepe at the end (that means I didn't over indulge).  Seriously, it was one of the best Nutella, strawberry and whip cream crepes I've ever had.  We weren't the only ones to partake. We knew we were having dinner back at the lodge with the area seventies but my mind was set on having a crepe.  Suffice it to say, we didn't have very much dinner.
The above was on Wednesday.
This is when it was raining.  It rained Thursday - Saturday.  That is the same area where the water is falling.  People went outside with umbrellas and still got wet from it.
Saturday morning we exercised by walking the halls and doing stairs. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, and a pastry.  I enjoyed hot chocolate each day.  
Elder Johnson summarized what we discussed over the past few days.  Then it was open to questions.
We thoroughly enjoyed the spirit and being with the other mission presidents.  There were 6 first years, 14 of our year, and 13 third year.