Friday, August 28, 2015

Ventura Beach

This morning was wonderful!  We rode our bikes on the trail by the beach.  There were a lot of surfers this morning and even a group of kids taking a class. We passed two different groups of runners and many bikers.  I said, "it's not Saturday, what's the deal?" 
We love riding our bikes there but have decided not to ride there on Saturdays.

Last night President got a call from one of our missionaries saying his knee dislocated at the member sports night.  We decided to go check him out rather than send him to the ER where we know the wait would be hours.
Here's PT/President Felix at his finest.  
Unfortunately Elder Lucas will be going home tomorrow to have surgery.  Rehab could be three months so it will be better at home rather than in the mission field.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bowens 8/8 - 8/16/15

The Bowens arrived Saturday evening and the kids were ready to explore.

We have so many avacados this year.
Each picked their own orange or clemintine or whatever they are called.
Sunday afternoon we had abelskivers and fruit.
Cooper has earphones on looking at his tablet.  In the background Papa is looking at his tablet.
We have to agree that this is the best place to get a hair cut.
Brandon got sunburned on Monday so Brooke cut off some aloe vera which we planted a year ago to put on him.

Papa was at his computer and Shae sat next to him snuggling up.
The fair is a big deal here and we took advantage by going on Wednesday when tickets were very much discounted.
Pigs racing and some did hurdles.

This mama pig had 11 piglets.

Even though they went to Six Flags on Tuesday, the kids wanted to ride some rides (these were very tame).

Sister Evans makes pinwheels.  She gave me the recipe because I thought Shae would have fun helping me make them.  It's jello and marshmallows.

We went to the Santa Barbara zoo on Thursday.  This rhinoceros hornbill was very large.

In the middle of the picture is a white handed gibbon,  Very noisy!

Dell was impressed that the elephant stood on the branch and then pulled off the leaves to eat.

I love the vegetation at the zoo.  The giraffe area over looks the ocean.

This was very unique to see so much cacti and then palm trees in the background.  
Look at Shae's form.  She's ready for the surf.

Shae could get a job.
The Bowens know how to do the beach.  They brought along a pop up cover so those who wanted shade could have it.  Lunch at the Santa Barbara beach.
Dax and Shae liked the water.  That's as far as Dell got in. 

Cooper wanted water poured in this area so he could dig.  He would say "the water disappeared."
Dax and Shae had so much fun with this seaweed.

Cooper didn't want to get in the water.  He was constantly running.  He would stand and wait for the tide to come in and then run away.
Friday we went to Marina Park beach.

Brandon is making a "hot tub"for the kids.

The Bowens went to the beach 4 times during their stay here.  It amazed me how the kids went for hours and hours playing and not getting tired of it.
We celebrated Dax's birthday.
He likes snakes.
The snake is attacking Ama.
I made the cake and then Brooke decorated it.  Have you tried the crispy M&Ms?
We had such a great time with the family here.  THANKS Bowens for coming.  It was good to take a little break but now it's time to get ready for transfers for next week.  We have 27 leaving and 20 coming in.  I think we'll have 10 of them stay at the mission home, the assistants will take 3 and members will help out with the rest.