Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Out with the old and
 in with the new!
The chandelier was replaced today.  The gold one was sooo old.  Because the installer wanted to have the gold light, a deal was made and they put in new ceiling fans in the living room.
Unfortunately the ceiling fan lights are not giving off enough light.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just Serve

Brennan Rosenlof  posted this:  That moment when you see the Felixs on TV... He is with Hyrum Ruby and Ben DuPlessis.
We were interviewed a year ago for a special they were filming on Just Serve.  We participated with our missionaries helping out the California Dental Association.  Free dental services were provided.  It was awesome that so many were helped.  It was suppose to have been shown last year but the brethern decided not to.  They used short clips but it's amazing how many people recognized us.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Andruses 3/18/17

Craig and Julie Andrus arrived on Saturday, March 25 to begin service here with their responsibility being in the office and also working with a YSA ward.  We invited all of the senior couples to watch the women's broadcast and then have dinner.  
President Felix, Sister & Elder Andrus, Elder & Sister Floyd, Sister & Elder Iverson 
Elder & Sister Aston, Sister & Elder Cole, Sister & Elder Clark
Elder & Sister Iverson
We missed the Hardys but they had family visiting.
The Andruses stayed with us Saturday and Sunday nights.  
We were asked to talk in Santa Paula so we took them with us.
I'm glad I was able to capture this picture with two old friends walking together.

They were on their way by 8:15 Monday morning to drop some of their things off at the Floyds.  They will stay at the Hilton Residence Inn until next week when the Floyds leave.
We plan to do some bike riding with them.

Remodel March 19 - 25, 2017

We moved to the Residence Inn for a week while things were being done in the mission home.  New windows installed on the north and west sides of the house, recessed lighting put in the master bedroom and GA room along with crown molding in each.  The "popcorn" ceiling in a couple of rooms was scraped off and repainted.  A crack in the kitchen wall was fixed. 
We didn't take all of our clothes Sunday night because we planned on going by the house Monday night to get the rest for the week.  Plastic was up everywhere and it was a challenge to get into the bedroom for my jackets.  
Breakfast was provided every morning and then we ate out the other meals.

We were on the 2nd floor at the end closest to the golf course.
This is from our door looking towards the golf course.  A couple of the mornings we walked around some of the course.  The first morning was quite foggy.