Sunday, July 19, 2015


A week ago Friday morning we went out the front door to go walking.  
We noticed the ground had been dug up.  
This was a couple of days later.
Thursday even more.
The animal that has inhabited the front yard must be having a great time.  We're waiting for the FM mechanic to do something about it.  He came over Thursday and looked over the situation; nothing has been done yet and whatever it is keeps making more and more of a mess.
I'm grateful we don't have to take the time to take care of the situation.  I may be freaking if it were happening at home.
We pass this field on the way to the mission office.  It looks as close to snow as we're going to get.  It is a white plastic that covers the rows and then holes are poked and fruits or vegetables are planted.  Last year this field was full of pumpkins.  This is looking like strawberry fields though.  It's pretty amazing how the agriculture is rotated.  It must be scientific how the ground is worked.
The next few weeks we are going to visit all of the missionaries in their apartments.  That will be a lot of driving.  President will do interviews and I'll be reviewing the area book with the other companion.  If I'm done talking with the missionary about the area book, then when the companions switch I'll go over their planner.  
Of course, we want to take a treat.  I made cinnamon roll cakes for them.  I'm freezing three of the pans but will take the other three up north when we go tomorrow.  Next weekend I'll make more.  The challenge is for us not to keep eating.  Not a good way to lose weight.
Last night Mark and Brittanie Bendall came to visit.  She was still on her mission in France when we started our mission.  Mark was waiting for her and we hoped all would work out for them to get married.  Yea, it did! 


  1. I'm glad you got visitors, but sorry about the animal visitor(s). Wow, apartment visits! That sounds busy and interesting. You guys do so much! Keep it up :)

  2. Holy cow, i can't wait to hear what's living under your garden 😬