Wednesday, January 6, 2016

El Niño

The local people have been talking that El Nino would be coming this year.  Well I think it has hit.  We had rain yesterday and a lot today.  I was very grateful that we were not out in it.  Dell went out on the deck to check it out.  Water was gushing over Foothill and down the hill in the back.  It was a little river running through the property. Both of our phones received a flood alert which startled me.  The rain caused damaged as we saw tree branches that had fallen to the ground and a lot of debris in the streets.  

This is the roof of the mission home.  Those are rocks.  
I looked out on the deck off of the living room and wondered what the little things were on it.  They were rocks from the roof.
We drove to Goleta after the rain had stopped but we were concerned that with the fire that had been off of 101 that there would be mud slides.  There was some but crews were cleaning it up.  
We've talked with the missionaries about safety issues and being wise ("O be wise!")
We are looking forward to driving up north next week because it will be so green.
January 11th - The results of the rain from last week.

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