Monday, April 11, 2016

More Beauty

We pass the golf course when driving to the mission office.  We need to go golfing to take a better picture.  The flowers are so vibrant.
We call this Brooke's street because she likes the look; we do too.  We ride this road on our bikes going to the bike trail by the ocean.
Yesterday morning we walked in Hidden Valley and loved the uniqueness of this landscaping.

The white stumps are avacado trees.

A few weeks ago we met Len on one of our walks.  We told him we were missionaries for the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He told us his father had passed away.  What would any missionary say? (Do you wonder where he is?)  We weren't able to really get into a lesson at that time but he said we could visit with him another time.
We set up a time but it didn't work out.  Saturday morning we saw him again and gave him a pass along card.  He told us we could get together this week.  We texted him this morning to see if we were still on, well he couldn't this morning and he couldn't on Wednesday (we can't the rest of the week), so we'll try again next week.
Take a break from reading the Book of Mormon to eat one of the oranges picked from the back.