Thursday, June 9, 2016

River Ridge

Dell got us a tee time for today at River Ridge.  We've had a couple of busy weeks and planned to take some time to "escape"  and enjoy some golf.
It seems that the few times we have golfed it's been gray and a little cool.
This is the first tee and Dell is warming up.
The reason for this picture is that I wanted to show the mission office.  It is the building in the distance between the trees. So from the golf course we can see it but from the mission office we can't see the golf course.  As we drive to the office we pass the course and see a portion which entices us to want to play.

There are two tall buildings in Oxnard.  These are the two.  We can see these from the mission home.
That's a pretty big fish for the size of the bird.
Below the clouds is the June Gloom.  Dell is facing north towards Ventura which the hillside is covered in the marine layer.
The end of the round and we have smiles on our faces.  We played best ball and scored in the 80s.  

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