Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Out of the mission home 6/28/17

The missionaries departed this morning at 7:00.  The cleaners were to be at the house shortly after.  I think it was more like 8:30.  We were glad to have the extra time to get things loaded into the car because we were to leave.  It was a bit stressful because Eva knew the house needed to be deep cleaned but her supervisor was thinking just a light cleaning.  Windows had not been done and the supervisor said they didn't have it in the contract to do it.  We got a hold of the FM Group and let them work it all out.
We went to Cafe Nouveau for breakfast and ate outside.  Those are beignets and so very yummy!  It was good to get away for a few moments.  We then went to the office where we were busy all day.  I was sending the emails that they sent to President and his responses to the departing missionaries.  I also sent to the August transfers their emails.  I asked them to not tell other missionaries because there was no way I could do it for everyone.  Our day was full!  We left the office and checked into the Marriott Residence Inn by the mission office before picking up the Jones' to go to the Pier for fish tacos.  Another last.

The men enjoyed their corn on the cob!

We met the Jones' the first day we arrived.  It was only fitting to see them just before leaving. They have been very good friends!  

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