Wednesday, January 28, 2015

North in the Mission

We were in the most northern part of the mission last week.  We had interviews in Santa Maria on Thursday.  We stayed in San Luis Obispo Thursday night because interviews were in Atascadero on Friday. We enjoyed having dinner with President and Sister Casper. 
 Saturday we drove to Paso Robles which is the most northern city in our mission.  From there we drove to see the elephant seals. Our drive reminded us of being in Jace's mission in Santa Rosa, California.  We came across more vineyards.
 This was such a beautiful sight that we stopped to see the green and realized the ocean was in the distance. 

 The pregnant females begin arriving about mid December.
 The pups nurse for 4 weeks and quadruple in weight. 
 We were told there are thousands on the beach from January to May. 
 These two that are raised up will go at each other's necks. They battle for breeding rights. 
 The males have big long noses.

We drove to Morro Bay.  We went to a baptism of the wife of a member. 
Stake Conference was in Atascadero on Saturday and Sunday. We were asked to take 2 minutes each Saturday night. We thought we each had 5 minutes on Sunday.  Sunday we were asked to take 2 more minutes each. Elder Packer who is an area Seventy was so great to listen to.
Sister Casper put together a box lunch for us and we ate it as we drove back to Ventura.  It is a beautiful drive. 

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  1. Wow, those seals are amazing. You don't have to look very hard to find them!