Sunday, February 22, 2015

Recovering from Zone Conferences

 We realized after we got to zone conference we matched.   It just shows we were on the same wave length.  It's called companionship unity. If you want to read about zone conferences from last week,  go to the blog I do for the parents of the missionaries. 
 Saturday we stayed in Santa Maria for Stake Conference.  We went on a date. We found a new venue to read emails.  We drove to Pismo Beach and then had lunch on the beach. Even though Dell still read and I did thank you notes for the sisters who had prepared lunches for us, the time on the beach was so needed. The change was therapy. 

 Driving back to Santa Maria we passed this field of cauliflower. We pass many green fields  all of the time and wonder what is growing. This time we pulled over to check it out. 

We were asked to speak at stake conference in Santa Maria today. We were prepared to take 15 minutes between us as requested. It is so common that the previous speakers take more time than allotted.  We were to speak before the stake President's talk at the end. I was watching the clock.  When I got up I didn't say anything that I had prepared and took maybe two minutes and Dell took five minutes.  We want to make sure the stake president gets his time. 
We drove to SLO to meet with some missionaries and are now in Paso Robles.  We will drive to Fresno tomorrow.  We're staying with the Clarks,  mission president from Utah.  They started when we did. We will be going to the Fresno temple and talking with the temple president. Our missionaries serving in the SLO zone will be able to go to that temple as the LA temple is too far away.

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