Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 We drove past fields of yellow flowers and many orchards.  California has so much agriculture. Prior to the mission I would think of California as just having lots of people and traffic.  The California Ventura Mission has got to be the most beautiful place in California. 
 Fresno mission home
 President Jeff and Sister Bonnie Clark
We met the Clarks at a meeting before going to the MTC. We were assigned seating by them in our training. At the October mission president's seminar we enjoyed seeing them again.  Dell told them about the possibility of some of our missionaries going to the Fresno temple because it is closer than LA for those in the San Luis Obispo Zone. We had to get it approved by Elder Nielsen.  Of course we wanted to check it out and we needed to talk to the temple president.  The Clarks invited us to stay with them.  Dell said if we can take you to dinner. (We went to Cheesecake Factory. )
We loved sharing stories and ideas.  It was very good therapy. 
 We had a wonderful experience at the temple.  We met with President and Sister Callister prior to doing a session. They are happy to have our missionaries attend. As we were leaving, the Callisters visited with us some more.  They asked me some questions regarding the Salt Lake Temple.  
Years ago he was the mission president in Mississippi.  They took six children and came back with seven. They are delightful people. 

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