Saturday, September 12, 2015

9 - 11

Yesterday was a day of memories.  We woke up and I said Happy Anniversary to Dell.  It was three years ago he had bilateral knee replacements.  He went for a bike ride before we had breakfast.  We're both grateful for how his health is now.
Several months ago I was in the foyer of the Thousand Oaks Stake Center visiting with missionaries before they would see President for their interview.  "Chief" came over to talk and told me about a production he was doing in commemoration of 9 - 11.  He said he could get us tickets if we were interested.  As time drew closer, we were able to reserve tickets for it.  The production was performed in the Los Angeles Visitor's Center.  Many dignitaries from other countries were invited as well as officers from the police and fire departments in LA.  It was free but you had to have tickets so they would be able to limit the number of people who attended.  We took the Moffats (1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency).  It was cool that our seats were reserved along with the dignitaries and also the temple president and his wife.  
They are doing three performances (2 more today).  We very much enjoyed it.  There was spoken word, dance, many original songs, and video.  "Chief" (Chris Severn) just turned 80 and he was the writer and director.  The plan is to do a full production on national stage in 2016.
We arrived early enough to have dinner in the temple.  We then went to the visitor's center and saw updates on some of the missionaries from the District 2.  It would be great to show these stories to our missionaries in hopes they would understand the impact their mission is not only on those they teach but also on themselves and their families.

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