Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Sky

We enjoyed the company of Becky, Katie, and Brooke this past weekend.  They arrived on Thursday evening.  Friday they went to the outlets and the reason for coming here was to do a Spartan Race that was about an hour from the mission home.
Here are their clean feet before leaving for the race.  
I don't like saying good bye.  They left Sunday morning to drive to Burbank where they flew back to Utah.  They were very helpful while here as we had projects getting ready for zone conferences and Christmas devotionals next week.
So often I am amazed at what we see here in California.  
This is Thursday morning on the road by the mission home as we went walking.
Same day looking from the living room window as the sun was going down.
Monday morning we saw a sliver of a moon with a star beneath.  Something very unusual.
This morning I went walk/running on foothill.  I couldn't resist in taking pictures; unfortunately the camera does not do justice.
I am so grateful for God's creations!

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  1. It is very beautiful. I am so happy you get to enjoy it there! The Lord is blessing you for being willing to serve! The Gospel is just a beautiful, but is also everlasting. Enjoy both.