Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Felixes

We got to meet Wellsy in person on Friday, February 19. 
It was very exciting when he finally let me hold him.
Maren enjoys crafts and artwork.
She and Liz made a little bed for the lizards that were in the back.  She seems intrigued with lizards.
The kids are having fun with Papa.

Saturday after we met with our new nurse and her husband, we went to the beach.  I think the kids had more fun at the playground.

Monday we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo.

We call this a Dr. Suess plant.  Maren wanted to touch it.
The Floyds recommended this restaurant.  We'd go back as the food was good and we loved being outside by the ocean.

This is at Carpinteria beach.
Maren is stuck in the sand.
Liz found this little crab.  It buries itself so quickly.
Wellsy was cruising.
He was so fun to watch!

Maren loved looking for sea shells.  Here is her collection.

The three Felix guys.
I loved how Wellsy used his pointer finger so often.  I felt it was unique to him.

Maren is headed for the WNBA.

We stopped by the mission office and look what Maren found to do while waiting for us.
I didn't get pictures of our picnic at the park.  Maren was more interested in playing on the equipment than eating.
We drove the Felixes to LAX.  We were surprised that the traffic prior to the 405 wasn't very bad. We enjoyed having the family here and it's hard having them go home  
The GPS directed us back through Malibu to go to Ventura.  The sunset was beautiful and we were in awe.  Also less traffic than driving the 405.

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  1. I love it! It looks like you had a wonderful time.