Thursday, March 16, 2017


We have been so excited for the Oswalds to come visit.  They served here 27 - 30 years ago.  I was looking forward to have them walk through the house and let us know what is still the same.
Their bedroom was where we call the GA room.  Our master bedroom was part of an apartment with an entrance from the outside.  There wasn't an entrance to the bedroom from in the house down the hall way.  
They said the front of the house looks the same.
Their mission office was in Ventura.  They were interested in seeing the mission office and the transfer board.
The McIntoshes know the Oswalds.  Bob McIntosh was Mac's counselor in the mission.  When we arrived in the mission the McIntoshes were serving a CES mission in Santa Barbara.  At one point the men were all looking at their cell phones.
We met for lunch at Padara Grill in Carpinteria.  It was so fun to be all together before the Oswalds had to drive down to LAX to fly home.

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