Thursday, March 23, 2017

Poppies 3/20/17

Last year President and Sister Moffat invited us to go see the poppies with them.  We were not able to but hoped for the next year.  Today we met the Moffats at their home and they drove us to see Paramount Ranch and then hike to the poppies.  Dell thought he should put sunscreen on.  The funny thing was it was zinc and he looked like a mime.  I chased him around trying to take his picture.  He got it rubbed in pretty good.

I don't know what these flowers are called but they were all over.
With the rain that we've had a couple of weeks ago everything is so green and beautiful.
John and Brenda Moffat

John's tripod came in handy so we could have a picture with all of us.

Movies have been filmed here.
 John took a picture of me taking a picture of Dell being President Felix on the phone. 

We drove to Westlake so we could hike to the poppies.

John is quite the photographer.
The pink that is seen on the stems is what is at the bottom of the poppies.  The flower has fallen off.

Daisies are behind me and the poppies in front.

Overlooking Newbury Park.
These flowers reminded me of a caterpillar.
Looking towards Camarillo.
We headed back to the car without a trail.  I think it's called bushwacking. John told us ticks were out.  We checked ourselves but didn't see any on us.
We stopped for lunch before having to be back to meet with the assistants.  
We had a wonderful time being with the Moffats and enjoying God's creations!  I felt rejuvenated.

Tuesday I was driving to Santa Barbara for interviews when I lightly scratched my neck and there was a black thing in my fingernail.  Dell got it and said it was a tick.  I'm so grateful it didn't burrow into me.


  1. and Annie and I decided you should frame some of these with you two together.