Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The Bowens arrived on Wednesday, June 8 when we were still driving back from San Luis Obispo.  Deb and Doug drove separate.  The kids were in bed so we didn't get to see them until Thursday morning.
We stopped at SLOdoco to bring donuts for breakfast.
The Bowens went to Universal Studios while we had interviews in Ventura.
We went to Toppers for dinner and then to McConnells.

Monday morning we had appointments at the mission office.  We were able to go to the beach in the afternoon.

Deb dug a hole in the sand so Shae could stand in it knee deep.
Doug helped Dax with boogie boarding.

We showed Doug and Deb the Cross and then McConnells.
It was so bright so they all looked away from the sun.
Shae gets hugs!
Group hugs
Saying goodbye this morning.

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