Monday, October 27, 2014

Del Mar

We had a mission president's seminar in Del Mar from Wednesday to Saturday.  This included mission presidents from the North America West (20) and North America Northwest (15) missions.  We decided to drive to get there and went on PCH 1.  This was pretty cool seeing all the fishing boats.
We left early enough Wednesday morning so we could go to the San Diego temple.  

Thursday afternoon we had lunch out on the terrace.  During the seminar we had assigned seating and we were able to sit next to the Albas.  This was Jace's mission president and wife.  
It was such a blessing to have gone back to Santa Rosa with Jace and meet them and even stay a night with them.  When we were called, I would reflect on our experience with the Albas.  We love them.  It was fun to hear them talk to others about Jace.

Thursday afternoon we had a couple of hours after training before dinner.  We enjoyed sitting out by the beach.  What a beautiful sight.
We chose in advance as to what we would like to do on Friday afternoon for our free time, The Mormon Batallion, a cruise in the bay to see the many ships, or stay at the hotel.  We went to the Mormon Batallion museum.  It was very informative and enjoyable.

President is panning for gold.  Sister Christopherson said whoever finds the largest nugget pays for dinner.  President Felix found the largest.  We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel on the terrace and saw the sun go down.
Elder and Sister Christopherson were wonderful to be around and listening to them-- amazing.

President and Sister Russell serving in the Oregon Eugene mission.  We've told them about the Andruses since they are in their mission.  They are from West Jordan.         
President and Sister Robinson serving in the Alaska Anchorage mission.  It was snowing when they left Alaska.  They are from Bear Lake, Idaho area.
On our way back to Del Mar we stopped at the temple so the others could see it.  We went in the lobby and the temple president was there and invited us in to see the baptismal font.

A sample of the beautiful flowers on the temple grounds.
I forgot to put this picture in and don't know how to move it to the correct place.  This is from the terrace of the hotel and you can see the sun gowing down.


  1. What a wonderful weekend, and one to look forward to.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! That temple is stunning!