Monday, October 13, 2014

One end to the other

Last week we had interviews up north.  We went to the most north zone in the mission but not to the most north place in the mission.  We were in San Luis Obispo Thursday and Friday night.  We went walking on the Cal Poly campus.  Saturday our goal was to fine the football stadium.  
It was a bit fogged in.
 During lunch for the interviews we watched Meet the Mormons.  Elder Holland sent out a letter stating that the missionaries do not go to the theaters to see the movie.  We were sent a DVD to show our missionaries.  It just so happened that interviews were scheduled from the end of September to October 17.  We are to send the DVD back by October 18.  I love it when a plan comes together.  If you haven't taken the opportunity to see the movie, please do.  It's great!  Mormons are normal, we're not weird.  I loved all 6 of the stories.  I have to focus on other thoughts though when it comes to the missionary mom and the love she has for her son.  We have a couple of missionaries who said the story line is somewhat like what their mom has gone through.
The marine layer is very interesting.  We can experience pockets of it.
We left SLO so we could be to the Santa Barbara airport to pick up an Hermana who served in Uruguay but had to go back to Utah due to back problems.  She was home for three months and now has been assigned to our mission.  
We just had to stop at the Old West Cinnamon Roll.  Not only for us to get rolls for lunch with the Hermana but a cute Sister knows I love the rolls and she has made arrangements to get rolls to us a couple of times.  We surprised her and her companion along with about 4 others with rolls.  It was fun to text them and say come outside NOW.  (Of course, they would know because of caller ID that it was 
President Felix.)
Rolls were being made.  It was fascinating how they were made and how quick.
Role it

Chop chop

We picked up the Hermana and stopped by the beach where we take the new arriving missionaries.  The park was full so we parked and ate in the car with the windows down enjoying the ocean breeze.
I drove (basically I always drive so President can read emails) to Ojai where she would be serving for at least three weeks.  We went a way we haven't gone before and it was beautiful.  After dropping her off we drove to Santa Paula so President could do a baptismal interview.  Again, a back way that we've not been before.  While he was doing the interview I stayed in the car and worked more on the Orientation book.  We left Santa Paula and drove to Newbury Park which is not quite the most south in the mission.  We had to address some issues with a sister that was in need of help.  We got home after 9:00 p.m.  
It was a very full day!
Today I spent most of the day working on the Orientation book and feel it is ready for press except for the cover.  We have a new Elder who sketches so well.  I asked if he would come up with some ideas for the cover.  Hopefully next week we can get the book printed.  We've been hoping we'd have the Ipads so that info regarding them could go in the book.  Too bad, we don't want to wait any longer.

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