Wednesday, October 1, 2014


 We were so excited for the Bowens to arrive.  We ate lunch out on the deck. 
 The mission has a large van so we used it to get around.  That way we could be together. 

 Cooper loved the pumpkins. 
For many weeks we passed this field but had no idea what was planted.  We saw green and then the field started turning yellow. We still couldn't tell what was planted.  Last week we saw this.  So it seemed liked pumpkins all of a sudden appeared. 

 Saturday afternoon we rented an electric boat and went through the harbor. 
 We saw many boats docked. 

 Towards the end of our ride we saw these seals or sea lions.  Of course we wanted to go closer. 
 Too close!  See the red hair in the left corner.  Brooke jumped from the side to get away. Papa doesn't have the experience that would have been good to have.  We bumped into the side of the boat and the seal apparently didn't like that. He reared his head and became quite vocal.  We were afraid the seal was coming aboard.  Brandon pushed us away. Thankfully we got away.

 Brooke is demonstrating how sweet and good. 

 My dream. ..since the first day we picked fruit I wanted to see grand kids picking. 

 Go see Brooke and get some fruit.

 We took the Bowens to the Cross.
 The pictures below are at Marina  Park.  

 We got tacos and then to ice cream.  I think they'd come back for this. 

It was hard seeing them drive off. So tears seeing them come and tears seeing them go. A fast walk and all day of missionary interviews helped to overcome. 


  1. Thank you so much! We had a blast doing all of those but especially being with you! You bet we'll be back for those tacos and ice cream!! Love you!

  2. Looks like you had a blast. Fun to see the seals. Some day we will make it out there.