Thursday, December 4, 2014


I am a bit slow in blogging regarding the wonderful time we had with Travis,  Liz,  and Maren. It feels like it's been so long since we've seen them. We were looking forward to seeing Liz's  baby bump. 
 The Felixes arrived Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  We were so excited to see them. 

 Maren helped Ama make rolls. 

 Liz and Maren had fun playing before we went outside. 
 Maren enjoyed the back area where she could pick fruit and flowers. 

 This beach area is so fun.
 Maren would scream as she ran from the waves. I think she could have done it all day but we had to get back to finish up the fixings for dinner. 

The zip line is fun but can be quite the work out for the adult helping. 
 We had to show them the Cross.  This  is where we take the new missionaries after arriving in the mission. 

  We were glad we could show them the mission office. I think the highlight was seeing the transfer board. 
We saw Big Hero 6.
It was hard to see them leave Saturday night. They drove through the night to get back
 to Salt Lake. So grateful when we received the text that they were home. 

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  1. It was fun to follow their visit and hear about it, now it's great to see the pictures :)