Saturday, December 27, 2014

6 Months

Today is an anniversary of 6 months being in the California Ventura Mission.  
On July 6th I entered a post -- Things we wonder if we will ever get use to
Missionaries standing when we enter the room
Be asked to speak without warning
Getting up early without going to bed early
Not exercising every day (no time)
Phone ringing or texts with issues or problems
Not being organized
Having avocado and citrus fruit in the back yard
Not talking to family any time we want
Wearing a dress 7 days a week or Dell in a white shirt and tie 7 days a week
Having shoes on all day
Trying to pick a tie that wasn't worn that week
The Samsung phone
Getting around
The different vegetation, flowers and trees
Not having a keyless entry and ignition to the Avalon
The placement of the garbage under the sink
Remembering which cupboard has what
To not referring to the Elders as"guys" (it's not the mission culture)
"Foggy" each morning until the sun burns it off
Not eating
Being 15 minutes early to meetings
Missionaries getting sick
Being in awe of the missionaries
I feel I have gotten use to the above but I am still in awe of the missionaries!
It is hard when the missionaries leave to go home.  It amazes me how we love them all.  I was talking with an elder who was going home the next day.  When we first got here he was serving in the area where he would go to the mission office to email on Mondays.  We would talk every Monday.  I asked him if he has seen a difference in the President.  He told me when he met us at the first meeting that President Felix looked like a deer in the headlights BUT with confidence.  Now it's his mission.  We do feel more comfortable in our responsibilities.
We are very grateful for the love and support we feel from the missionaries.  It's nice to receive positive words of encouragement.
We are still amazed that we are actually on a mission.

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  1. I'm glad you're adjusting and let the love for the missionaries carry you.