Saturday, December 6, 2014


Sunday after church. They commented that church wasn't the cookie cutter meeting.
 We see this building on our way to the Cross.  The architecture is great. 
 Tate wanted his picture taken.  These stairs lead down to the Cross. 

 This is to the right of the Cross. We think it is beautiful with the fields. The sky was so interesting.  We get kind of use to blue skies without clouds. 
 Nash was not wanting his picture taken. 
 This is at Ventura Harbor. 

The plan was to meet Jared's aunt and uncle at Andreas.  A restaurant at the harbor.  It was closed.  We ended up eating Mexican at Margarita Villa. With the recommendation of Andreas being good,  we will go back. 

Here is a mosaic of an otter. Whenever I see mosaics I think of my mom.
We had to do the Marina Bay park. 

Nash had the biggest expression.  I figured to take his picture,  he can't know about it. Then it works. 
The tide was so far out. The kids loved playing on the beach and in the water.  But no one more than Nash. The way Jared got him to get out of the ocean was to say we were going to go get ice cream.
His thermostat is definitely different than Ama's.

Annie is designing her mermaid trail. 

Tate needed to help out with the tail. 
I thought this was funny that the adults were all looking at their phones.  In defense for Shelby,  she was looking at her pictures as she needed to make more room.
As the tide was going back, waves were coming in which caused the different ripples. 
We were intrigued. 
Annie and Ama found these pelicans. 
The thought came that it would be neat to have the Hales help plant a flower. When they come visit they can see how much it's grown. 

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  1. We LOVED being there! It was the best family vacation we could have had :) Nash is actually quite the poser, but has to be in the right mood, I guess :)