Friday, March 20, 2015

Jace and Kim

Kim and Jace got to the mission home Saturday after 5:00 p.m.  We were so excited.  We went to Urbane Cafe for dinner and then McConnells for ice cream.  Everyone has to go to McConnells.
It is such a beautiful drive up north.  We decided to go to Lompoc to church.  We weren't able to go to Kassy's baptism on Saturday but she was confirmed in Sacrament meeting.

They found avacados and a couple of oranges.

Dinner consisted of tritip on the grill.  D did a good job in grilling.
We drove to the Cross and this view is on the opposite side of the cross.
We started the Monday off with waffles.  Here's Jace's creation.
We were looking forward to Monday as I had purchased tickets to go whale watching.

Kim named the seal George after the one at Sea World.  This George was smaller.
We saw many dolphins.  It was hard to catch a picture when they jumped in the air.
This pelican made a smooth landing.

We were not on the water too long before whales were spotted.

I didn't get a picture but off in the distance we saw a whale breach.  It was two different ones or one breaching twice.
The expression "slow ship to China..." We found it.  This was a big ship and slow moving.
This is the view as we were coming back to the harbor.
Lunch was at Sea Fresh.  Fortunately the Felixes were able to find something not fish on the menu.  For me -- the clam chowder was the BEST!
Tuesday they were on their own (went to the beach) as we had mission leadership council all day.  They did join us for breakfast of green eggs, ham, and green pancakes that the missionaries came to the house to eat.  It was fun doing that for St. Patrick's day.
Wednesday we walked the pier and then had tacos at the Beach House.

Jace and Kim were trying to make sad faces as they left us on Wednesday afternoon.
Los Angles Temple

Thursday morning I got a text -- "VERY first in line."
So excited for them.

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