Saturday, March 21, 2015


D rides his bike often in the morning and sometimes rides past a woman using a walker.  He stopped to meet her one morning and found out her name was Ruth and she's 90 years old.  They were close to the church and he asked her if she had ever been in it.  She said no and she wasn't interested.  Upon further conversation, she has a son who has been a Bishop in Santa Barbara and a grand daughter serving a mission in Mexico.  We met her son and daughter-in-law when we were in Santa Barbara a month ago.  They told us Ruth told her son she has a new man in her life.  It was President Felix.  
Just over two weeks ago he came across Ruth and they visited for a little while.  He invited Ruth to see Meet the Mormons.  She said no.  At stake conference in Santa Barbara two weeks ago we saw Ruth's son again.  We told him about the experience and when the movie would be shown.  He told us he would get her there.
Last night I got to meet Ruth.  She came and she enjoyed the movie.  It was great!
I call this tree the fuller brush tree.  The blossoms look like little bottle brushes and then there's the beautiful little buds.  We have this tree in our yard but the neighbors have an even fuller one.
I am always on the look out for unique looking flowers.

Yea, Janice Bagley is tending her grand daughters again and she and Eden came by while the others were in school.  She was an angel (as usual).  We found a possible Christmas ornament idea for our missionaries, discussed color of paint for the big wall going up the stairs (we are going to do an accent color), and looked for a couch cover.  She has so much energy.

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