Sunday, April 19, 2015

David Archuleta

A couple of weeks ago President received a call from Kendra Lowe.  She is the accompanist for David Archuleta.  He was going to be in the area (Los Angeles) and was offering to do a fireside for the missionaries in our mission.  He loves missionaries and the missionary effort. We were with the Hales coming home from the zoo when she called.  He didn't lead on at all to any of us what the call was about.  Kendra said she had called Elder Maynes'office and permission was given.  Two dates were offered and  April 19 at 6:00 was the agreed upon date.  With this offer came the request that we would not tell anyone about him coming.  This was totally for the missionaries.  We didn't tell anyone!  The missionaries were told about the training and to stay in their cars until 5:45, then go into the chapel to wait reverently.  President sent out an email last Monday making sure the missionaries didn't think Ipads were going to be the topic.  There was so much excitement.  This is the first time since we've been here the missionaries have all been together in one place.
We invited them to have dinner with us at 4:00 prior to going over to the stake center. It's been a long time since I've made Lion house rolls so I made them after stake conference today.  We had "rumbi grill'chicken salad.
At 3:30 Kendra called and said she was picking up David and that was in Santa Monica.  We were afraid they wouldn't get to the mission home until closer to 5:30.  We both prayed for them to arrive in a timely manner.  We ran to the stake center just before 4:30 to take signs to tape on the doors that said the doors wouldn't be open until 5:45.  We got back about 10 minutes later and Kendra and David had just arrived.  I think a little miracle of "parting the cars on the road"occured.
Yeah, we had time for dinner and they did the warm up at the mission home.  I was excited to tell David the connection we have.  Vicki knows him and it's because of the relationship she had of tending his father when he was young.  They were neighbors to the Griders.
Kendra said don't you live in Cottonwood Heights?  She lives on Top of the World.  After I told her more specific to where our home is, she asked if we knew the Ringwoods.  She is good friends with Kim's Aunt Marjorie.
We invited the outgoing Area Authority, Elder and Sister Garns, the new one to begin May 1, Elder and Sister Wilde, both counselors and wives in the mission presidency (the Records and Moffats), and President and Sister Jones of the Ventura Stake.
David invited Brooke White (also competed in American Idol when he did) to join in the fireside by bearing testimony and singing Amazing Grace with him.  She lives in our mission with her husband and little girl.  
David did a great job by sharing scriptures, stories, and singing.  He sang five songs:  Come Come Ye Saints, Be Still My Soul, Amazing Grace, I Believe in Christ, and Glorious.
We did pictures with the zones with us, Brooke, Kendra, and David.
Since we didn't have time to have our strawberry shortcake after dinner, we came back to the mission home and finished the salad and had dessert.  We had a very nice visit and they went on their way.  


  1. Um, how cool is that?! So glad you and your missionaries had this awesome experience!