Monday, April 13, 2015

The Hales

The Hales arrived at the mission home on Monday, April 6 in time for dinner.  We had pizza and salad ready for them.  The plan was to watch the finals of March Madness.  We didn't see so much of that but enjoyed being together.
Tuesday morning we ate waffle mormon.  We wanted to beat the rain that was in the forcast.  We did get to the zoo in Santa Barbara before it rained.  We were grateful we went prepared with umbrellas.  It hardly rains but both times the Hales have come we have had rain storms.  California people love the rain as we are in a drought.
In the background is a giant snake (not real).
I love Tad's look.
I asked the kids what their favorite animal was.  Nash chose the flamingos.
It was good timing to see the elephants eat.  We even had an elephant trainer talk to us about them.

These frogs are poisonous.  They look ceramic and they are very colorful.
I asked Jared and Shelby to let me take their picture as they are love birds in front of the love birds.
Annie loves giraffes.  The baby was born one month ago.

Tate wanted to see the lions.  The female wanted to play but not the male.
The Gibbons were here.  Look closely behind the black one as there is a light colored one that swung on the ropes.  They were so vocally noisey.

The Gorilla is taking off to get his food that was thrown down in a burlap bag.

The rain stopped long enough for us to have a picnic.
We had borrowed the mission van so we could all go together.  We drove through some of Santa Barbara and then went to the movie McFarland USA.
A roast was cooking in the crock pot for dinner.
Annie and I made swig cookies.

They are picking avacados in the back.
Shelby and I were able to go hiking.  It was great being with her and hiking again.
The other mornings we walked/ran and Annie joined us one of the mornings:)
Last time the Hales were here we went to McConnells but we weren't able to get ice cream.  The shop had been vandalized as a rock had been thrown through the window. 
It was a must for this trip.

We had interviews on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The Hales were on their own during the days.  They went to Universal Studios twice and the beach was sandwiched in the middle.
We wanted to go to Souplantation for dinner which is by the outlets.  The girls went shopping while the boys "hit"the batting cages.

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  1. We had such a fantastic time and you documented it well. You forgot to post about our awesome etiquette training ;) the kids listened btw. Love you!