Sunday, April 26, 2015


President and Sister Jones saw this in LA.  I don't know the details but she sent it to me and told us to have a nice evening.  
There are purple flowering trees all over.  One day last week it was a bit windy and so purple petals were on the ground.
On my walks I continue to find flowers that I've not seen before.  
California is beautiful (anyway our mission is).
Saturday was a day of service.  President Felix invited the missionaries to participate with the stakes they were serving in.  We worked with the Ventura Stake.  Two projects were arranged.  One was at the equestrian center in Fillmore and the other at this cute school in Santa Paula.  The first school house was built in 1879 and the third and present Santa Clara Schoolhouse was built in 1896.  I wonder why it is Santa Clara when it is in Santa Paula.
We were one of the first there and able to choose our task.  We tackled this table and benches.
First we had to scrape off the beige paint down to the brown wood.  
The man looking down is a convert.  He moved from Holland to California.  He was invited to go to a YSA activity by a co-worker.  Bro Maas wasn't sure if he should go so asked his boss who he trusted.  The boss said oh for sure go.  He found out later that the boss was a stake president.  He met a gal there, had the missionary lessons, and got married in the temple to the gal he met at the YSA activity and now has an 
18 month old daugther and 4 month old son.
By one invitation see what happiness can come!
After scraping we sanded.  I am using a power blower to clean the table off.
Bro. Riggins is a convert of less than a year.  It was fun getting to know him.  I did the edges with a sponge and the rest was rolled on with a little roller.
Thomas would go from project to project.  I called him our quality control person.  He's in a wheelchair.  We had fun talking about his experiences with wheelchairs.

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  1. That is awesome! That table looks brand new and I'm sure it felt great to do some manual.