Saturday, June 20, 2015

LA Temple

It's been such a day!
We have enjoyed having Elder and Sister Grow stay with us during the mission tour. Not only did they do two days of zone conferences but also two different nights of training for Stake Presidencies and their wives, one for the south end of the mission and one for the north.  Also Thursday night spoke at a youth conference in Thousand Oaks.  
They were very gracious and enjoyed the three breakfasts we had.  It was wonderful kneeling with them as Elder Grow prayed before our departure. This morning we drove to LA to "hand" them off to a stake president.  Elder Grow will be officiating at that stake conference and then fly home tomorrow afternoon.  
We picked them up at LAX on Wednesday afternoon.  Again, I feel there was devine intervention as we were trying to approach the airport I made a wrong turn.  Fortunately, because we then received a call from the Grows saying they were waiting at the departing area verses arriving.  That would have been terrible if we had started going in the arriving.  
We took the opportunity to go to the temple.  It was wonderful.  We thought the two pictures below showed some of the beautiful vegetation.

We left and had a day of visiting with missionaries that had "issues."  One of the issues was taking away driving privileges to two sets of missionaries for racing their cars back from zone conference.  Really, what were they thinking?  We are so grateful that nothing happened to them and that they were not stopped by a policeman.  In California they could have been put in jail and one of the missionaries is from Canada and he could have been deported.  We had hermanas who at different times "shut down." Also, a missionary needed to visit with the president so we went to the TO stake center to meet him.  It just so happened that missionaries were getting set up for a baptism.  We were able to meet the gentleman going to be baptized but couldn't stay because of having to go to another building for a baptismal interview.  We stopped at
In 'n Out for a burger before meeting another hermana who was having trouble and then a scheduled interview with another one a half hour later.
Not the day we had planned.  The plan was to go back to Ventura and Dell would focus on reading emails.  This whole week was so full (he even did the driving because Elder Grow wanted to sit in the front) that not many emails have been read.  Not exactly the Father's day tomorrow that I want for him.        

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