Monday, July 11, 2016

The Felixes

I titled this post The Felixes but it really should be titled ROSIE MAE.  Can you tell how excited I was to hold her.  She is so sweet and smiley. 
 We were up north in Atascadero doing interviews.  We started an hour and a half earlier because we knew the Felixes were going to be arriving (we thought around dinner time).  At 2:30 I texted them to see where they were.  They were at the mission home and had put Rosie down for a nap.  Torture!  We are three hours away and wouldn't be able to leave until 3:00.  

These pictures are my favorite.  
We had interviews in Ventura Friday afternoon.  Such a long day knowing Rosie was in town 
(OK, Jace and Kim as well.)

Saturday we went to Carpinteria for lunch and then the beach.
It was a team effort getting Rosie ready.

Rosie didn't mind the sand on her feet.

Jace put Rosie's feet in the ocean and she did NOT like it one bit.

We drove to Camarillo for church.  The past stake president who was the mission president in Taiwan had their homecoming.  

Just chillin'

Monday morning Dell rode his bike while we went walking.  It was a beautiful morning!

Rosie and I were talking.  Really, it is like we carry on a conversation and it isn't one sided.

We found ourselves in front of the mirror often so we could see her face while holding her.  She likes to look at herself too.
The Felixes followed us to the mission office so they could see the Floyds.
It was goodbye from there.
We are so grateful they took the time to come see us so we could be with them and hold Rosie Mae for the first time.  She is growing fast.
We LOVED watching Jace and Kim be parents; they adore their beautiful daughter! 

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