Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Towles

Yea, the Towles made it to Ventura on Sunday, July 17.  We were so excited to see them at the door!  We were surprised at how tall the girls have grown.

After dinner it was a good time to pick some avacados.
That is fur by Dell's foot and to the right is more of a decayed animal with its teeth.  
I do not go in the back so when I saw this beautiful plant with the girls, it was picture time.
Jill likes doing the scorpian.
Kylie was showing us a back flip which really meant she just jumped back a few inches.
Monday we went to Marina beach.  The girls are testing the waters.

We borrowed boogie boards from the Floyds and Iversons.  Megan got beat up with a combination of the board and the sand connecting with her face.

Frank is decked out with his go pro ready to see some action.
Jill liked being under the sand.

Kylie wanted to try it.

After the beach we drove to the Cross.  

These flowers were so pretty, why not jump into the picture.
I think going to McConnells was what Heather wanted to do the most.  At least have her family experience it.
Monday night we watched Jurrasic World.
Tuesday we drove to the Santa Barbara Zoo.  Why the boot?  Dell's achilles was bugging.
Kylie loves palm trees.
We were excited that the lions were active.  The male lion was not out.  The zoo rotates daily the females and male with being outside.

Of course, a picture of Dell and the tortises.  It was interesting how fast they were moving.  At one point it appeared the two were fighting (biting at each other).
We love going to see the giraffes.  In part because of the view.

We watched the two vulchers on the bottom branches fly/hop up on them.
The chuckwallas are on the rock.

We are twinners.
The leopard was pacing.  We thought probably wanting to be fed.

We packed a lunch of sandwiches, chips, pop, and nectarines.
The vegetation at the zoo is amazing.
Because Kylie likes palm trees I wanted to take a picture of her in front of these.
I can't resist adding Heather's cartwheel.  
We learned it's not a good idea to be so close doing cartwheels.  Kylie's foot connected with Megan's head. 
 It didn't feel so good.
We were intrigued with this anteater.  We learned it eats 35,000 ants or termites a day.

Crazy hair.
Dell stayed in the van to read emails and Jill fell asleep.  The rest of us went on a 2 mile hike.  I was impressed with Leah and her hiking ability.

We saw several lizards on our way back and Frank was thinking he could catch one.

After hiking we went to the pier at Goleta Stake Park.

This seagull has only one foot.  It appeared fishing twine was wrapped around the leg.
Buffet at Pepes on Tuesday nights--so good.  We all loved the dessert waffles with strawberries, ice cream or whip cream.
We had talked about playing games when we got back to the mission home but remembered we needed to watch the girls run track on the videos they brought.  We were treated to the girls' video of the play they were in.
Wednesday before taking off for Vegas and us going to the office to do follow up training, we went to Sandstone Beach in Oxnard.  They are looking for sand crabs.

The sand crabs were so small!
It's not fun saying good bye.  


  1. What a fun filled few days! Nice shirt Dad! Bummer about the boot.