Friday, August 5, 2016


Wednesday night around 9:00 the doorbell rang.  Dell was on the phone in his office so I answered the door.  I was expecting white shirts (missionaries).  It took me a second to compute who was at the door.  I screamed.  Braxton Young and Colten Yager served together as assistants.  Braxton and his brother, Braden, drove all day to LAX and picked up Colten.  They wanted to surprise us.  Yah, we were surprised!  They were amazing missionaries!  When things would get a little stressful, Elder Young  and I would do the "Go Utes" sign.  It would bring a smile to our faces.

We've seen them three days in a row.  Today when we saw them I wanted to get a picture in front of the transfer board.  Many hours spent in front of that board.

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