Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bowens 8/14 - 21/2016

August 14 - The Ventura Stake had an extra session for their stake conference today.  It was all done in Spanish.  Dell spoke and fortunately I was able to have ear phones for translation.  The missionaries took turns translating the different talks for those of us who didn't speak Spanish. 
The Bowens arrived at the mission home before we were finished.  I was too excited and kept watching the clock.  Fortunately I put together dinner on Saturday so that there wouldn't be prep and it would just go in the oven.
Shae showed us her piano skills.

August 15 - Monday morning it was time to pick avacados and oranges.

We drove to Carpinteria and had lunch at Padara Beach Grill then to the beach.  We put up the tent but we really didn't use it.  

Shae found a sand crab.
Brandon has skills...

The tide came up and washed it all away.

Brooke, Dax, Shae and Brandon boogie boarded.

The Best Dads get promoted to Papa!

We were glad we had plenty of time to cross the tracks and turn around to watch the train go by.
The Bowens treated us at McConnells before going home.  Yummy!

August 16 - We celebrated 43 years of marriage by going on a 27 3/4 mile bike ride.  My longest ride.  We drove to where we could park the car close to the Ventura River Trail.

Here's the map showing the trail to Ojai.
Our destination was here for breakfast.  After eating we rode back to Ventura.
These flowers were beautiful and they were along the trail.
The Bowens went to the beach while we were riding.  We met back at the mission home and went to Camarillo to see Pete's Dragon.  We've wanted to eat at the Lazy Dog Restaurant since we've been here so we took advantage of doing that.
We had an awsome anniversary!

August 17 - We drove to Oxnard to go to the Seabees Museum; out of luck since it was closed for a couple of days.  So we went to the outlets to do some school shopping.  After shopping we drove to the 5th street beach and the road was closed.  We remembered there was Oxnard State Beach Park close by. It's a big park and then a walk way to the beach.   There was a fee to park.  The Bowens were already headed to the beach when we realized the credit card would not work.  We didn't have enough cash.  Melissa who was waiting to pay for her parking was so kind and wanted to give us money.  She kept saying "pay it forward!" We ended up taking a couple of dollars from her and Dell and I searched our wallets for a combining of $3.

Whenever I see a sailboat like this out in the ocean I have a memory of making a mozaic picture with my mother.
Brandon was at it again.  Here's a little hot tub.

Since I didn't exercise in the morning I decided to walk the beach.  I was intrigued with the length of this bird's bill.  This week was the first time oil was stuck to the bottom of my feet from being on the sand.
I loved that Brandon took over in the kitchen to make gucamole.  He makes good guac.

August 18 - We went our separate ways -- The Bowens to Six Flags and us to the Burbank airport to take a missionary who was returning home.  We took the opportunity to stop at Cafe Rio in Santa Clarita on the way back.  I miss those pork tostadas!

August 19 - Shae and I made strawberry lemonade bars in the morning before leaving for the day.

Shae is grating a lemon for zest.

Last week I was looking for somethings we could do with the Bowens.  The review of the Seabee Museum was very positive.
The plan for today was to go to the museum since it would now be open and then go to the beach.
Seabee is a member of the United States Naval Construction Forces (NCF). The word "Seabee" comes from initials "CB", which in turn comes from the term "Construction Battalion".

Brandon needed a hair cut.
There were many interactive activities for the kids (big and small) to do.

Marbles racing down the slides.
It's been a long time since playing with an etch a scketch.  Loved it!
Shae loved building the trucks.

Did you really think the boys would let this stay standing?

Mandalay beach was not for boogie boarding.  The waves crashed down.
Go Utes!  Shae found a feather to add to her design.

We celebrated Dax's birthday.  He loves cereal so that was for breakfast and pizza for dinner.

Shae and Dax are playing Simon Says with Papa.  He's singing and dancing like a rock star.

Bowens picked a very good week as far as our schedule.  We did not have many conflicts and were able to spend a lot of time together.

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  1. It was a wonderful week! You spoiled us! Thanks so much for all you do for us! Love you!