Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Today was MLC.  We started with the missionaries coming to the mission home for waffles, eggs, bacon, and juice.  Of course, fresh strawberries were available with whip cream, nutella, peanutbutter, and syrup.

Now, to back up.  Yesterday going into last night Dell was trying to copy onto jump drives for the zone leaders our presentations for today.  It was not going well.  He went to bed at 12:20.  At 4:20 this morning he woke up, wide awake.  So he got up and was able to get the jump drives all done. You can't tell me he's not being sustained!

I started cooking waffles a half hour before the missionaries would be here for breakfast.  Dell finished cooking the bacon and I had many waffles done and in the oven to stay warm.  I turned on the gridle to do eggs.  I realized after a few minutes that things were not cooking.  I had blown a fuse.  Dell was not having success in getting it to work.  Missionaries were arriving.  Again, I was sustained and did not panic but moved the waffle iron to the other side of the kitchen where the outlet did work.  Dell called Todd, the FM maintenance engineer, and was able to learn what he needed to do to get it turned on.  We started serving on time at 9:00 and I was able to stay ahead of the missionaries.

We got to the office a little after 10:00 so MLC started late.  Because of the changes in the mission we took the opportunity to let the missionaries share their feelings about them.  It was a very good experience.  I did a presentation on Real Intent, Dell trained on teaching repentance, then several missionaries were asked to train on making commitments.  Six missionaries who will be going home at the end of this transfer bore testimony.  Some tears were shed (including mine - not a surprise) and the spirit was strong.  I loved the statement Elder Ruby said "A thought is inspiration until proved otherwise."  I feel many times -  is this coming from me or the spirit.

Dell said it well when he said it was an honor to serve with these missionaries.  We love them all.

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