Sunday, October 9, 2016

Last Week Oct. 4-8

Tuesday, Oct. 4, was follow up training for the new missionaries.  We were looking forward to Wednesday and going to the LA temple.  It's been awhile since making the time to go.  Our missionaries can go to the LA temple if they are serving in Ventura to the south zones the month of their birthday.  If serving in Santa Barbara or Santa Maria, they have to wait until they are transferred to one of the other zones that are closer to the temples.  This is because they are too far from the temple and the time it takes to drive to and from.  If serving in San Luis Obispo, they can go to the Fresno temple.  Sister Baird and Sister Cardon dropped the hint they'd love to go to the temple with us because it was Sister Baird's birthday.  We decided we would go but asked them to not share with others that we were doing this.  We just can't take time to go to the temple with all of the missionaries.  We left the mission home at 6:00 a.m. and drove to Thousand Oaks to pick the sisters up.  The GPS after driving just a little while said the faster route would be to get off of the 101.  So we did and we MISSED the 8:00 session.  I was happy though to be able to do Initiatory.  
I must say I miss the Salt Lake Temple.
We went to IHOP on the way back.  

Thursday, 6th, we drove to Marina Park to start our bike ride.  This picture was taken after the ride because it was light.  Over on the grass when we get there are women doing yoga.  They get there before 6:30 because they're doing their thing when we get there just after 6:30.
This street is lined with tall palm trees.  We ride on this road until we get to the bike path that goes along the coast.  
I wish the camera would show really how beautiful this morning was.
We loved that the Bagleys dropped by to see us.  We enjoyed lunch at the Lure along with sharing stories of the mission and YSAs.
Friday afternoon I went with the Sister Fisher and Sister Houseman to teach D.  She was baptized last year and has become less active with working on Sundays.  I knew I was going on this lesson when watching General Conference.  Elder Rasband's talk made me think of D and helping her to remember the spiritual times.  I printed up his talk and gave it to her.
Friday night President was conversing with the assistants.  They invited us to join in playing ultimate frisbee Saturday morning.  He wouldn't be able to run because of his achilles.  They are so funny --
  "We can get a wheelchair."  We rode our bikes over to watch them.  The missionaries know we're big on them keeping the missionary schedule and exercising every morning.  Sweat is included in that.  Ultimate frisbee was a good workout.
We are always on the lookout for "fall" and on our way back to the mission home we rode on this street.
A runner saw Dell taking my picture and offered to take one of us together.

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