Wednesday, October 19, 2016


This morning we heard a chain saw.  There were men in our trees cutting down limbs.  
We have chuckled several times today because we really think that it has happened now because of us letting the FM Group know we have an apostle coming to visit.  Amazing how things are being addressed now that we've needed done.

Leaves fell from this tree year round.  I can't believe how much has been cut off.
Avacado trees were pruned.
Saturday I walk/ran along foothill and loved seeing the sun come up.
Today the assistants, Elders Weiss and Summers, had us laughing so hard.  They think I have a good attitude and gave this card to us.  A picture of my head was taped onto this card.  First off I asked if I was having a good hair day or bad and then I noticed the "bling." Inside the card is:  
Attitude is everything.  Happy transfers.

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