Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mission President's Seminar 10/26-29/2016

After the departing missionaries left the mission home on Wednesday, October 26, we got ready and drove to the Marriott on Coronado Island.  Dell read emails for most of the way.  We were happy to see the 
San Diego temple.  It is so majestic.

We didn't stop for lunch so after checking in we got some food at the hotel.  The Robinsons had the same idea and we enjoyed catching up with them.
The Henries from the San Fernando mission had gone for a walk and then had lunch.  We share the same area 70, Elder Wild.  They are from California but have lived in Park City for several years.
We were excited to meet the Tateokas.  They are new to the Oregon Salem mission where the VanLeeuwens are serving.
We had a nice room with a balcony.  I noticed a seagull with a rock in its beak so wanted to take a picture of it.  I wasn't fast enough.  I looked to my right and there was another one.  There were two chairs on the deck and I was out there but decided I didn't want to take a chance of bird poop landing on me.  Also, felt it would not be wise to keep the sliding glass door open.
We enjoyed dinner outside with all of the other Presidents and wives.
This is the sun rising on Thursday morning.

While eating lunch this ship sailed by.

After lunch we boarded a bus to go to the San Diego temple.  It is so beautiful and our session touched me greatly.  We started in the chapel and with 34 presidents and wives we had two sessions to fit us all plus a few extras.

President Ballard photo bombing.

This is all of us with Elder & Sister Hallstrom, Elder & Sister Ardern, Elder & Sister Cook, 
Elder & Sister Clayton.

Friday we met all day.  Elder & Sister Rasband joined us after lunch.  The sisters met separately from the men for a couple of hours.  The wives of the general authorities instructed us. We had been asked to review President Nelson's talk "A Plea to My Sisters" that he gave in October conference 2015.  Each of the wives shared their feelings regarding it.  Sister Hallstrom praised Eve and commented how wonderful and courageous she was.  She cited other women of the bible and finished with the woman at the well in John 4.  She helped us to understand that story.  Sister Rasband finished up by talking about prayer.  We need to kneel to honor Him.  She shared an experience that included her father, Blaine Twitchell.  When we lived in the Cottonwood Heights 5th Ward he was our home teacher.  We loved him and he was one of our best home teachers.  I didn't go up to her to tell her I knew her father and  that her sister was my friend.  I thought I would do it on Saturday.  During the morning break on Saturday, she fell and we found out later that she broke her arm.  Sister Hallstrom left with her while their husbands finished training.
Elder Rasband asked what had we learned over the past two days.  Elder Clayton wrote down our responses.  We love you and we thank you was from the leaders and Elder Rasband said President Monson always says that.
Elder Rasband wanted to shake everyone's hands and if he had not done so, to please see him.  We were one of the last to talk with him.  I told him I wanted to talk to his wife and let her know of the connection with her father and Wendy. He said, let's take a picture to send to her (Wendy).  Dell was not by my side with this conversation.  He was talking with a young man who works at the hotel.  Just before I started talking with Elder Rasband he was talking to him.  When the young man walked away Dell stopped him and asked if he knew who he had been talking to?  Dell explained he was an apostle just like in the day of Christ and had a Book of Mormon in his hand.  He opened it up to 3 Nephi and gave it to him.  When I turned to get Dell for the picture we both saw he was doing the missionary thing and Elder Rasband said we don't want to interrupt.
I could listen to Elder Rasband all day.  He uses the scriptures to explain things. He ended his remarks Saturday with an apostalic blessing. 
Lunch was provided before everyone went their separate ways.
I wanted a picture of the Russells without them posing.
Tateokas - Oregon Salem, Palmers - California Modesto
Robinsons - Alaska Anchorage, Russells - Oregon Eugene
Jardines - California Sacramento, Clarks - California Fresno
Burts - Canada Vancouver
Marston - California Roseville
Sister & President Taylor - California Rancho Cucamonga
We met the Taylors 37 years ago when they moved to Grand Junction.  We've kept in touch off and on since and they started their mission this July.
We were given a replica of the Salt Lake temple door knob.
The wording that is not seen is North America Northwest and West Areas Mission Presidents' Seminar.
At the conclusion of the women's session we were given this painting.  We have already hung it in the mission home.
The seminar was incredible!  We are very grateful for the time to be lifted and be taught by servants of the Lord.  Now to implement.

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