Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Kitchen

Yesterday morning before Dell got back from PT, the cabinet workers were in the kitchen doing the finishing touches.  Yes, new color and hardware on the cupboards and drawers. 

I talked to Daniel to check on the timing of completion so Eva could put all the dishes back.  He asked me if I spoke Spanish or my husband.  He had seen on the freezer the postcard with Spanish on it and
Elder Sorensen holding the lizard that he caught in our bedroom.  He also noticed alfajores (Argentine cookie) in the pantry.  He wanted to know where my husband learned Spanish.  It turns out he grew up by the mission home in Argentina and he knew the Gortons (Dell’s mission president and family).  He was good friends with one of the sons and his first girlfriend was Becky Gorton.  I asked what brought him to America.  His son is autistic and Elder Zwick was visiting there and told him there would be treatment in America for him.  They were given a blessing.  They left and they have been here 14 years.  Dell came home and I was so excited for these two to meet.  Dell is going to look through his mission pictures to see if he took a picture of Daniel.  Dell asked him if the café was still there that had waffles – and Daniel said waffles mormon.  That was awesome!  He invited us to his home for a barbecue but it’s outside of the mission.  It was really neat to make that connection.
Daniel Bocca

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  1. That connection is AMAZING!!!! So cool! The kitchen is beautiful and I love the pantry door too. YAY!