Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Hales

The Hales arrived Tuesday afternoon.  It's been way to long since they were here (last Christmas).  Tad had just woken up.  They stayed in St. George Monday night.
After dinner we did Golf and Stuff.   

Nash wasn't really photo bombing.
I was talked into driving the go carts and I'm glad I did.  It was fun.  So funny though -- when we were told when we were to do the last lap, Nash didn't realize when the last lap was and he drove under the gate. 

Annie picking up her ball from a hole in one!
Jared and Shelby golfed with Nash and Tad.
Our pass included 4 tickets for the arcade.

I caught a picture just before family prayer began.
We are at the Ventura Pier.

I loved that Tate put his arm around me when we were walking.
Tad is saluting.
Etch a sketch should be in the toy hall of fame.  Shelby and I enjoyed doing it.
Tate completed an eletric circut to have a functional fan.

Mean game of Jenga.

Tate, what did you do?

Shelby likes to feel the space and it looked awesome with all of the squigglies.
Annie's favorite activity was putting together and taking apart the trucks.
We took Jared back to the tire shop because he had left the car to get new tires.  We had to leave him there because the job still wasn't done and we had previously purchased tickets for the movie Moana in Camarillo.  The plan was for him to meet us at the movie.  He never made it.  So frustrating for him to sit and wait.  
After dinner we played Dominoes Mexican train.  
I thought the kids would have fun making place cards for dinner.  
Where did everyone go?
This morning I received a text from the Wilcoxes which included a picture of our home under snow in 
Salt Lake.  I couldn't resist sending a picture back of the view outside from the deck showing the ocean.
We enjoyed dinner with the Hales, Elders Peisley and Taufatofua, Sisters Fisher and Cardon, 
Hermanas Arkell and Hirst.
Annie with the missionaries. I can't get over how tall she is. 
The Hales pulling out with all new tires on their way to San Diego for Annie's soccer tournament that starts in the morning.

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