Friday, September 12, 2014

2 years

It was two years ago yesterday that D had both knees replaced.  I am grateful for modern medicine and for his recovery.  Last year we went on a hike to celebrate the anniversary.  We decided we would do something physical every 9/11. Well it didn't happen yesterday.  President was off to surprise two disobedient missionaries in the morning. They are consistently sleeping in. Even went back to bed yesterday after talking on the phone with President at 6:30 a.m. The district leader is in the same apartment but the missionaries are not respecting him enough to correct their ways.  President felt the visit went very well. He ended the visit with hugs.

Ben and his parents stayed with us last night.  He is here to serve a mini mission.  He will be here for a week with his brother who is one of our missionaries. He is so excited.  They left this morning so they could get to his brother's in time for companionship study.  They had just under 2 hours of a drive depending on the traffic. We asked Ben to come and say hi to us when we are at stake conference this weekend. We're looking forward to seeing him again. 

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  1. Tricky, tricky, I hope those missionaries learn from that, and the word will probably spread that President isn't afraid to check in. I hope Ben and his brother have a magnificent experience together.