Friday, September 5, 2014

The Bagleys

Steve and Janice dropped by to see us.  For lunch we went to Ventura Pier and had tacos at the Beach House taco restaurant.  It was yummy so anyone reading this blog should come visit and we'll go to the pier. 

We knew they were coming on Thursday.  Friday we were having leadership training for the mission (Zone, District and Sister Training leaders -- a total of 60) in Santa Barbara.  I was sure the Bagleys would want to help me in preparing some food for it so I saved things to do when they were here. The menu consisted of breakfast casserole, fruit, muffins, juice and of course chocolate milk. Steve fried up all of the sausage, President cut up the ham, Janice cut up fruit,  I had the muffins already made (pumpkin chocolate chip, bran and blueberry). I was glad I made 11 1/2 dozen because only 8 muffins were left.  All 6 casseroles were finished and very little melon and grapes were left. 
Heavenly Father even answers prayers as simple as making sure the food turns out. The brunch was a hit. 
Thanks so much Bagleys for your help. 


  1. Wow, that brunch sounds delicious! Free food for hungry missionaries is always a good idea.

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  3. If you made those muffins yourself (homemade), then I can see why they gobbled them up!!! How on the earth do you find the time and energy to do brunches for 60 Missionaries? Lol... I have 1 son/teenager left at home and I have a hard time making meals for him and his dad, haha. Your'e an amazing person and mom to our Missionaries! Too bad my son is only a Missionary/Trainer, which he loves immensely, so he wasn't part of this amazing brunch for the 60, but I know he doesn't mind because he loves the opportunity to help train new Missionaries that are both eager and nervous when they first arrive in the Mission Field! He has the Patience of Job, something he sure didn't get from us, haha! Although he has been blessed to train two Missionaries while serving for the past 14 months, you wouldn't know it by his emails, because all he can talk about is how amazing these 2 Companions have been, and how he has learned wonderful, new things from them when they brainstorm on Fridays (I think it's called Companionship Inventory)? Which my Elder says, only helps to motivate him to work that much harder to "Hasten the Work of Salvations!" I love it!!! Thanks for being the 'on-site' Missionary Momma of our Children while they Serve, not everyone has the capacity and/or Gift to Love others not in their immediate family like you do... We are definitely blessed!

  4. Oh and I forgot to Thank the Bagley's for their Service to our Missionaries while they were visiting! So are the Bagley's parents of a current or past Missionary in the CVM? I didn't know if we were allowed to visit The Mission Pres. and his Wife when are children are serving... So many great rules, but I get kinda nervous that as parents maybe we are the one's who might break them unknowingly? Ugh... I sure don't want to be doing that!!! My son would not be happy with me, haha.

  5. Wow, amazing that you had exactly the right amount of food for that many people! Tender mercies! Deana, I'm sure my mom will answer you but, the Bagley's are friends from home. She has catered this blog to us at home so that we can see what they are up to :) is specifically about the mission and you'll see pictures of your missionary there :)