Sunday, September 21, 2014

Elder & Sister Malm

 Elder Per Malm is in the 2nd Quorum of Seventy and Assistant Executive Director in the Missionary Department.  He and Sister Malm were with us from Wednesday to Saturday.  We had a mission tour in three days.  On Wednesday they joined us in MLC and did some training for our leaders.  We picked them up from LA Wednesday morning. It was our first trip to the airport.  The traffic was terrible getting there. He called us just as we got to the airport so they met us at the curb. We drove back to Ventura and got lunch at Urbane Cafe (we like that place) and brought it back to the house and ate out on the deck.  
 After our conference up north we drove to Solvang which is a Danish community.  The Malms are from Sweden. Dinner was good but we were disappointed in the abelskevers.  They were too salty and heavy but served with strawberry jam. 
 Elder Malm has responsibilities for visitor centers and invited us to go with them.  This picture is the back of the temple and the visitors center is across the street. 
 D wanted a picture of this because he knows Ricky who is in the wheelchair.  He is from the Dominican Republic and D fit him for the wheelchair. 
 This room was so fun.  Every quilt was made by a non member.

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