Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

 We went to the mission office this morning and took off for the afternoon at 3:00. The Jones picked Dell's bike up to put in their truck so we could ride down by the beach.  I borrowed a bike from them. 

Quite the hair do!  Yes, it was windy.  My visor came off 3 times.  In this picture you see only a couple of kite surfers.  There were many more.  It is fascinating to watch. We had fun riding (I'm sure my legs will feel it tomorrow). On the pier was a taco restaurant.  We ate outside and loved it. We'll for sure have to do this again. 


  1. I use to surf many moons ago since I was born and raised in Santa Barbara. Never heard of Kite surfing? Have tried wind surfing though and that is a lot easier than regular wave surfing! Catching a wave is hard unless you are using a 10+ foot rental board, haha! All these pic's make me miss the home of my childhood... but I still love it! When you talk about Taco's by the Ventura Pier, I would have to guess that the Taco's are more in the lines of Fish Tacos? I'm not a big fish fan because after the movie "JAWS" I thought if I left the things in ocean alone then maybe they would leave me alone. I loved surfing, but when you are sitting on your board, btw sets, waiting for a swell of waves to appear, my imagination would run wild that my dangling legs in the water might look like lunch to some ocean predator... haha! I stick with the beef/chicken taco's because cows and chickens won't eat me! I know it sounds stupid but I've seen a huge, Baskin shark swimming alongside the surfers in Carpinteria Beach and that did it in for me. These huge sharks only eat plankton but they look like they could easily swallow you up whole! So they might not be dangerous but they look pretty darn scary to me, Lol.