Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 21-25, 2015 A dream!

Tuesday we previewed the hike we were going to do for zone activity on Friday.  We saw this roadrunner.
This lizard stayed still long enough for a photo shoot.
Our daughters flew into LAX on Thursday night at 9:00.  Shelby called to tell us they were on the curb and was willing to have everyone walk to us.  I know now why we don't and WON'T pick up new missionaries from LAX.  It's a parking lot with a lot of honking going on.  We told them to stay put because we weren't sure if we were even in the right area to get them.  It was such a relief when we saw Shelby's orange Boston marathon jacket.  So exciting.  
The girls participated with us for the Newbury Park/Camarillo zone activity.  You can read more details on the mission blog.

Shelby and Brooke aparently forgot to blindfold.  They moved along well.
Heather was with Sister Wilson.
After the hike we drove to the stake center where we had lunch and finished some more activities.  It was fun for us to introduce our girls to the missionaries.  
Before getting home we stopped at Terry's Berries and bought a flat of strawberries.
We cleaned up and drove to Ojai to an Italian restaurant that we had heard about - Boccili.  We enjoyed lasagna and pizza.  Even though we had the strawberries we ordered strawberry shortcake as it was a specialty.
We used half of the flat for strawberry jam.  And enjoyed the other half on waffles and crepes.
While making jam Brooke made chocolate peanut butter candy from a recipe that Elder Leavitt gave to me.  He told me I couldn't put it in the missionary cookbook but I could have it.

Shelby brought Kneaders chunky cinnamon bread so I made french toast for breakfast on Saturday.  Brooke made us look good.  I think her favorite place to cut hair is on the deck.

I had projects planned for the girls to help me with.  "Cafe Rio" pork cooked in the crockpot over night and Shelby did the shredding.  She put the four roasts in bags in the freezer.  I'm now ready for the departing missionaries' dinner.
Shelby is gluing bit o honey candy on a note of encouragement that we send out to the departing missionaries about three weeks before they leave.
We went to a baptism for Stephanie in Camarillo at 2:00.  Dell had to visit with an elder so he dropped us off at the outlets.  About three hours later we went to dinner at Souplantation.
We had to go to McConnells.  Fortunately we beat the crowd.

Sunday morning we went to church in Ventura after having waffles for breakfast.  Shelby's waffle was a masterpiece.
  Since Heather had not seen the mission office we went there after church.

At Father Serra Cross.
 I finally learned the official name of what we've been calling the cross.
Dell and I had to go to the mission office Sunday evening to meet with the Assistants to start the transfer process .  The girls walked over to see the Floyds in their temporary studio apartment.
Heather's assignment was to get all of my pictures from my tablet to a jump drive.  We even started a scrapbook on Shutterfly.
Monday morning we went to the Ventura Pier and walked along it and the bike/walking trail.
It's Memorial Day and the sight was beautiful with the flags.
This fisherman caught a crab.  He got the lure out and threw it back into the ocean.

I couldn't resist.  Three beautiful daughters!

Dell made us crepes for breakfast.  We've discovered lemon curd from Trader Joes.  It is so good and adding blueberries, strawberries, and bananas with whip cream is so yummy.   Of course we had chocolate milk.
The drive to LAX was uneventful and we made good time.
We took this picture driving back to Ventura from the airport.  We were so fortunate to not have driven in that.  Timing is everything.
This weekend was a dream come true!  We loved it!


  1. It was awesome, and well documented! Thank you again :)

  2. Loved it great post. It was such a great weekend. Thank you.

  3. A dream for us too! Thanks a ton! So fun to be together