Thursday, May 14, 2015

San Jose

On May 6th I "faced the roar." I drove Sister Miles and I to LAX to fly to San Jose.  I had to find parking and get a shuttle to the airport.  We did it!  I took a picture of where we parked though so I wouldn't forget where the car was.
We had a great experience in the shuttle.  We were the only ones on it.  The driver thought it was pretty cool that we had name tags on with Jesus Christ.  We enjoyed talking with him as he loves Jesus and I gave him a pass a long card as we got off.  He was our angel in getting us to the airport and he felt we were angels.
We went to San Jose to a medical seminar for mission nurses.  Well since we don't have any, Sister Miles and I went.  It was enlightening and I came away with knowing we needed to get nurses called to the mission.  Sister Miles has been so wonderful but she is leaving the first of June.  
Elder/Doctor Burton and his wife picked us up at the airport but would not be able to get us back on Friday.  I had a thought so I followed through with it.  President Mella of the San Jose mission was at the conference as well.  I asked if there would be anyone who could take us to the airport on Friday. 
 He made it happen.

President and Elder Miles went out to dinner.  Dell brought home the left overs and we had enough for lunch the next day.

I need to add how incredible it is being the wife of the mission president.  It is really cool when it's  Mother's Day.  I received so many texts, calls, and notes from our missionaries. They made me feel so loved and appreciated.

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