Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trip up North

Monday we drove to SLO to check out a hike for zone activity on Tuesday.  It was a challenge finding the Madonna trail.  We were so happy when Jesse, new convert who had suggested this trail, called us back and told us where to go.  We wanted to see what the hike was like so we would know where to stop a long the way for our different experiences.  The theme of the activity was to be led by the Spirit as we find and teach.  We planned to blind fold one of the companions in each companionship.  We had different activities a long the way that I will write about on the mission blog next week.
These trees were more at the beginning of the trail.  It took us 50 minutes to get to the top and 35 to come down.  We knew we wouldn't be able to get to the top with the activity because it would take a longer amount of time with the missionaries being blindfolded and stopping at different places.

Wednesday morning we met with the FM Group to look at the paint samples they had chosen for the outside paint of the mission home.
We went back to the hotel and changed so we could go walking in Pismo Beach.  Dell found the two sand dollars but this one had a shell attached.  We were planning on taking them home.  There is some kind of creature coming out of the shell.  We left it there but brought the one in the lower right corner of the picture.
Dell saw that the Piano Guys were playing in SLO and called President Kasper to see if he and his wife would like to go with us.  It was great to have them drive as President Kasper is a professor at CalPoly and had a parking pass.  That meant parking much closer and for free.
We had a great time.  I loved how they represented being Mormon.  They talked about being middled aged Mormon men with families.  Between the 4 of them they have 16 children.
One of the songs was about being a father.  
I wanted to have missionaries outside ready to answer questions.
Not a very good picture but had to post it.  This number was all four men making different sounds with the piano as they were running around it.  Very entertaining.
This was a date for us.  We've been encouraged to have a date weekly.  It doesn't always happen but this should hold us for a few weeks.

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