Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mission President's Seminar in Monterey

The Gold Coast is referred to here in California. Would you guess it is because of the gold rush? Today I was told it is because the hills turn gold. This picture doesn't do it justice. 

Fields of grapes. There are so many rows.  

I don't know what was being picked.

We passed several trucks with produce crated up. 
We arrived early enough to go to the aquarium before checking into the hotel.  We spent three hours there.

Our first stop was to learn about the albatross. His feet were large. 
Tube anemone 
Was the penguin wanting to give President a kiss or tell him a secret? 

These three sea otters were fun to watch as they were very playful. They played with a ball. We were surprised at how big they were. 

Outside of the aquarium as water would rush out every few minutes. 
President and Sister Samuelon of the Oregon Salem mission. 
President and Sister Robinson, us, and Sister and President Jardine 
President and Sister Clark 
We drove to Carmel on the 17 mile road. We passed through wooded areas, golf courses and ocean. Too bad the wind made it cold. 
Spyglass golf course 

There are seals and sea lions on the rock.

The Russells on the other side of the tree that we were standing at. 
Saturday we got up early and walked down cannery row to the ocean.
This is a mural 

Us and the sweet Albas. They love Jace and we're so grateful for them. They have only a few months left of their mission. 

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