Monday, May 9, 2016

14.26 Miles

We rode our bikes on the Ojai trail 14.26 miles round trip.  We started at Canaga Larga and rode east to Ojai.  It's been awhile since taking the opportunity.  We've never ridden the whole trail due to time (and to be honest, probably distance).  We have it as a goal to ride the whole distance.
When an assistant leaves the responsibility of being an AP, during our week of the transfer process we go to lunch and the Elder chooses where.  Today we ate at Woodranch Grill.  
The jacaranda tree is in full bloom now.  It is a gorgeous tree with purple flowers.  We see them lining the streets of Ventura.  They are beautiful but as you can see below, very messy on the streets.

On my walk/run I went past this house and the thought came to me that this was a "burning bush."
I thought these flowers were so beautiful.

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