Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mission President's' Seminar

We drove to Burbank airport Thursday morning, May 28, to catch a 10:30 flight to Seattle for the mission presidents'seminar in Kirkland, Washington.  A shuttle picked us up from the Seattle airport  and drove us to the hotel.  We stayed at the Woodmark hotel which was off of Lake Washington.
We had read information regarding the hotel and found out they had bikes available so we planned to ride bikes after getting there for our exercise instead of getting up extra early to get our exercise in. 
We rode past Jimmy Johns and had to stop.  We haven't seen one of these since being in California.  Since we were hungry, we split a sandwich.
We had intended to get some cash before the trip but didn't so we had to look for an ATM while riding.
The town had great bike lanes on the roads.  We were able to find a trail off of the main roads.  We rode almost 8 miles.

This is the view from our window.  Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains. The tent in the bottom right corner is where we had lunches both days.  It rained on Friday but Saturday was beautiful.
We were physically and spiritually fed!  The food was great but the training was wonderful and the spirit amazing.  Elder Hallstrom presided with his assistants being Elder Johnson and Elder Hamula.  Their wives were there also and conducted the break out session with the wives.
The topics included:
Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts
Using Time Wisely (which I enjoyed as the plan is to talk about this at our next MLC/District Leader training on the 12th).
Finding People to Teach
Talked about some of the guidelines for missionaries and senior couples.
President & Sister Ballard - Portland
President & Sister Clark - Fresno and Sister & President Russell - Eugene
President & Sister Samuelian - Salem (the VanLeeuwens are the office couple there) and 
Sister and President Burt - Canada Vancouver
The Wares - Kennewick, Schmitts - SanDiego, Ballards - Portland, Lewises - Yakima, 
President Blatter - Tacoma, Bonhams - Everett, Sister Blatter, Russells - Eugene
Ballards, Burts, Jardines - Sacramento, Marstons - Roseville, Clarks
All lived in Utah when they were called.

We thought we should start with the desserts.

President & Sister Robinson from Anchorage
Sister & President Taggart - Anaheim and the Ballards

Planes were landing and docking.
Because our shuttle would not pick us up until 5:30 we got a late check out for 4:00 and went walking.  
This picture does not show how steep the road was.
This is a trail that goes for miles.  We got to it from the road.  So after walking 2 plus miles we turned around to go back.  Well, we walked past the place to go to the road and had to turn around again.  Our whole walk ended up 6.74 miles and Dell got a blister on the bottom of his foot.  We made it back to the hotel to hurry and clean up and change before check out time.
I tried taking a picture of Mt. Rainier.
I was disappointed that no one sat by me as I was ready to talk about the Gospel.  Dell was on the isle.  He had his IPad and was looking at the Plan of Salvation pamphlet on it.  The woman across the isle asked him what he was watching and how could he since there was no wifi.  To make the story short, he gave her a Book of Mormon and she wanted him to write his name and telephone number in it.  We'll be praying for her.

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