Saturday, May 21, 2016


Instead of strawberry fields we are seeing a lot of celery being grown and mustard grass.

As we were passing the pickers, they could tell President was taking pictures and they were cheering and waving.
This is mustard grass.  Apparently this plant puts nitrates into the soil.  We've seen a field where these plants were cut down and the field left with the residue.  I wonder how soon it will be cleared to plant strawberries or will a season go by before planting.
We took off walking this week to see all this cement dumped on the mission home property.  The FM Group got a hold of the city and it was removed.  Who dumps something like this on someone's property?  We are hoping for some landscaping to occur in this area and thought maybe these were rocks to start the project.  Upon closer examination we saw cinderblock and broken up cement as well.
Landon and Haley Wallace came back to California.  We loved visiting with our past assistant and Haley.  She served in this mission prior to our arrival.  It's so GREAT they dated and fell in love.  Haley heard about waffles mormon so we invited them to come back on Monday to have some.  They also like avacados so hopefully picking their own made for a great memory.  

These beautiful flowers are at the entrance to the mission office.

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